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The G-Force 1500 Cruise

The G-Force range is the latest to come out of the Schionning design studio. Racing versions have already taken part in various Australian regattas and are getting excellent reviews in the media. These Cats have already taken part the most prestigious Australian races and finished with three boats in the top five.

The G-Force has also attracted the attention of Multihull World Magazine.
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Compare the two most important indicators for sailing ability and performance:

    1. Waterline length to beam ratio (an indication of hull speed potential)
    2. Bruce Number (the square root of the sail area divided by the cube root of the displacement, a power/weight ratio for sailing boats).

The designer has used his vast experience and good eye to incorporate these into his design and further adding a combination of; shape, draft and sail area to produce a beautiful, fast boat with good lines and speed.

When adapting the design into the cruising version, the designer managed to create enough space in the hulls to accommodate ten people and include three bathrooms without effecting the length to beam ratio to much.

Due to the increased load-carrying capacity, and the extras required for CE-certification, the cruise version is slightly heavier than the racing version, which in turn has reduced the Bruce number slightly. Despite this, it’s still much, much better vessel than any of the previous vessels we’ve sailed.

G-Force 1500C Characteristics
LOA- Length Overall 15,45 m
BOA- Beam Overall 07,90 m
Draft 00,57 m
Waterline lenght to beam ratio 14,8:1 *
Headroom in the hulls 2,00 m
Headroom in the cabin 1,95 m
Mast height 19,20 m
Max. Payload 2000 kg
Displacement 8000 kg
Bridge deck clearance 0,95 m
Main Sail Area 78 m2
Genua Sail Area 50 m2
Bruce No. 1,43 **
Cruising Speed under sail 10 – 16 knots
Max. Speed under sail 20+ knots
* Lenght to Beam Ratio Guide
Under 10,5 Dog, go buy a mono
10,5 – 11,5 Baseline for good sailing
11,5 – 12,5 Moderate/high performance
12,5 – 14,0 High performance cruising cat
14,0 – 20,0 Racing cat
** Bruce No. Guide Power to weight factor
1 slow
1,30 – 1,40 Moderate performance
1,40 – 1,50 High performance cruising cat
1,50 – 1,90 Racing cat




One of the most noticeable characteristics of Schionning designed boats is that they don’t have the tendency to nose-dive when running at higher speeds. In fact the opposite is true, the bows tend to lift up slightly reducing the risk of digging-in considerably (according to the designer, digging-in is virtually impossible).

This can be clearly seen in the film clip below.
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Schionning Designs - Video
Schionning Designs – Video

When we arrived in Australia the G-Force 1500C was in the advanced stages of design. Some European boat yards have already shown an interest in this design, but are waiting for the drawings to be CE-approved.

We took this opportunity to buy the very first of this version; we’ll have to wait for the final CE-approvals, but we did take the opportunity to discuss our long list of wishes

The major differences between the race version and our cruise version are:

    1. Both stern cabins have a spacious double bed.
    2. Each hull is equipped with a spacious toilet/shower.
    3. The starboard bow cabin is for the owner and is equipped with a separate shower and toilet.
    4. In the port bow there are two spacious cabins with double beds.
    5. Sheltered helm in the cockpit with sliding hatch for good all-round visibility.
    6. A rounded sitting area in the cockpit allowing space for a cosy dining area.
    7. A higher payload.
    8. The structure fore has a more modern look.

G-Force1500C indeling

3D view of the exterior.

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3D view of the interior.

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