Category: Vacuum infusion

Dec 7
Building hours spent first year

7 December 2012 we open the doors of an empty shed. A year later and 1666 building hours spent, we accomplished a lot. The designer estimated 6000 building hours for Lees meer

Nov 30
Vacuum infusion hull out side

October-November 2013  After turning the hull we can start preparing the vacuum infusion for the outside of the hull. This should proceed much faster, as we don’t need any tests since Lees meer

Sep 30
Vacuum infusion inside hull

August-September 2013: Paul has a vivid memory of the build of his previous boat. The lamination of the hulls with the hand-lay-up method was a sticky mess. So far we Lees meer

Jul 30
Vacuum infusion flat panels

Juni-juli 2013: There are still some finishing touches needed on the inside of the hull before we can start with reinforcing the hulls with fiberglass. First we will make the Lees meer