About us

PaulPaul de Preter
As a young boy of ten Paul de Preter was already hooked on sailing and dreamed of one day building his own boat, and sailing around the world.
Within a year Paul was the proud owner of his first small dinghy, followed by an OK-class dinghy, then a Waarschip 730. His first catamaran was a Sailcraft Iroquois MKII.

Sailing a catamaran was the all-round experience that Paul was looking for, his boyhood dream was one step closer to being realised, when, in 1995,he started on his first build, a Grainger G37, the ‘Double Twenty’. The ‘Double Twenty’ was completed and launched in 2000.

In 2003 Paul took over ‘Tri-Cat Sailing’, a company founded by Leo Steggink. In collaboration with the then Skippers; Jeroen Rombouts (Felix Azzuro), Martien Krijgsman (Maraq), Pepijn Abbink (Lucia Secreta), Tri-Cat Sailing organised numerous sailing trips throughout the Netherlands and Great Britain, meeting at lot of nice and interesting people along the way.

In 2007 he headed off in the ‘Double Twenty’ to sunnier climes, sailing out to the Channel Islands, across the Bay of Biscay to Portugal and the Canary Islands. The ‘Double Twenty’ was sold in late 2008 and replaced by the ‘Time-Out’, a Venezia 42 built by Fountain Pajot. The ‘Time-Out’ was a really luxurious vessel.

In 2009 accompanied by several friends, he sailed ‘Time-Out’ back from St. Lucia via the Azores to the Netherlands and then to Portugal where he had a lot of fantastic sailing trips. But then, wouldn’t it be great to build another boat? This time being able to make use of a lifetime of experience. Paul’s ideal boat would combine the comfort of the ‘Time-Out’, equal or better the performance of the ‘Double-Twenty’ and include all the latest technologies. He’s found it in the Schionning G-Force 1500 cruise.
So the Time-Out was sold in 2012 to make way for his new, self-build project.

A couple of years without sailing is going to be a real challenge!

JolandaJolanda van der Veen doesn’t have such a long and exciting sailing past as Paul. A distant relative once emigrated to Canada and spent seven years sailing the oceans.

During his visits to the Netherlands, Jolanda could regularly be found on board the ‘Slopoke’, a Trintella 44 looking around, asking questions and listening to stories of recent voyages. Hearing these stories from her relative fascinated Jolanda, who then began to dream more about sailing and seeing the world.

In 2003 she combined the two by booking a week-long cruise on the ‘Double Twenty’ having no idea whether or not she would take to the open sea. It seemed to be a good match in more ways than one, Jolanda took to sailing and at the same time found a new friend and partner in Paul. They’ve been together ever since.

Jolanda has worked hard behind the scenes at Tri-Cat and regularly took part in the cruises. She is very ‘hands-on’ and inquisitive, wanting to know everything about sailing and life on board (sometimes to the annoyance of Paul). She played a major role in improving the ‘Double Twenty’s interior and comfort.

Jolanda is also actively involved in building the new catamaran. She can usually be found working on location, getting her hands dirty doing whatever needs to be done. This valuable experience gives her a good insight into the ins and outs of the boat, which she knows like the back of her hand.

Oh yes, you will find many of the questions she asks and the answers she gets posted on this site. Have fun, and see you on board!