December 2013

Building hours spent first year

7 December 2012 we open the doors of an empty shed.
A year later and 1666 building hours spent, we accomplished a lot.

The designer estimated 6000 building hours for a G-Force 1500 Cruise.
If you use a kit you probably save about 1000 building hours.
We categorized the building hours in the shed by main processes.
Beside the shed we spent a lot extra hours with discuss the details, looking for technical solutions, visiting conferences, purchase, project administration and this website of course.

Building hours

building hours spent first year of 51 ft catamaran G-Force 1500c

Extra info:

Preparing shed:

We needed a lot of small parts like glue table, workbench etc. The most time we invested in isolating the shed.
It was very worth full to be able to work with epoxy during the winter.
Even end of November we could do a big infusion project with a temperature of 21 degr.

Frames for 2 hulls, drawing, cutting and aligning.

Thermoforming hull:
Both hulls fully in foam including cutting and milling the panels.

Infusie romp:
First we spent 25 hours with a test project and air leak test on the chamfer.
We needed 125 hours for the inside port side hull (applying laminate, vacuum infusion materials, searching for leaks, infusion day and unpack afterwards).
After that we have more routine and only needed around 90 hours for the inside of the star board hull and around 90 hours for the outside of the port side hull.

Releasing hull from mold and turning 180 degr.:
Unscrew, break down, turning mold, hoisting frame, turning, clean the shed.

Fairing and sanding:
Filling the seams with micro balloons for an air tight inside hull.
Sanding the foam at the outside before infusion and coating the borders.
Start with fairing the port side hull (totaly fairing in sanding ca 130 hours)

Making bulkheads etc:
Vacuum infusion flat panels, drawing – cutting -sanding all the bulkheads and under flour web for 2 hulls.

Install bulkheads:
Bulkheads and underfloor web in both hulls, applying fillets.