schionning Gforce

Welcome to our Catamaran Self-Build Project. We are building our very own 51ft Catamaran, a Schionning G-Force 1500 C.

We already know almost everything there is to know about the Catamaran design, however the construction phase will be a very different story. The build will be step-by-step to produce the first cruising example of the G-Force 1500.

There will be many unknown challenges along the way, all sent to try and test us. Following the selection of the design, a lot of research and designing will still remain; there will be choices to make and decisions to take. We would like to share this adventure and our experiences with you.

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The Design

G-Force 1500 C
We are building the first cruising version of the G-Force 1500.

The building project

Piece by piece the project will develop and unfold; from preparation to construction, to the naming ceremony and finally the first voyage.


Do you have any idea what's involved in this project? How many inquiries have to be made and decisions (still) have to be taken? Find out more here.

How do you do it?

Building your own boat?
Learn with us from our own experiences, or make an appointment to come and see for yourself.